What is the point of your life?
Why did God allow the pain?
Do you ever struggle with feeling unworthy?
Did you know that telling your story may change the trajectory of your life and others?

Join Leslie Leyland Fields, award-winning writer of twelve books, for this free, 10-week video workshop series. Leslie has been using a spiritually formative writing process for decades to tell her story and to teach people around the world how to tell theirs. Practical and inspiring, Leslie will help you remember, reflect, and ultimately transform your life through the messy and beautiful process of story. Whether you seek to heal from your past, preserve your legacy, or publish your first book, now you can get inspired to start writing your story. Leslie’s latest book is Your Story Matters: Finding, Writing, and Living the Truth of Your Life—full of encouragement, writing prompts, stories, and more. A companion DVD recorded in Alaska, Your Story for His Glory, is also available.

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Based on the book: YOUR STORY MATTERS

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It’s Time to Tell Your Story

Meet Your Instructor LeslieLeylandFields.com

Leslie Leyland Fields is an award-winning author of twelve books, an international speaker and writing teacher, and the founder of the Harvester Island Wilderness Workshop. She lives on two islands in Alaska, Kodiak and Harvester, where she works in commercial salmon fishing with her family and leads food retreats and writing workshops.

Review the On-Demand Video from the Last Session.

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Note: These will be updated each week. The video will only be available until the start of the next week’s session.


You Might Win a Prize! There Will Be a Prize Drawn at Each Workshop

To remind you that we are in it together, gift packages of items hand-picked by Leslie (and Leslie’s own, hand-packed, Salmonberry Jelly) will be given away during the online workshops. (Shipping only to U.S. addresses)

Gifts include a signed copy of Your Story MattersYour Story for His Glory DVD, canned salmon from Leslie’s Alaskan salmon business, Leslie’s own Salmonberry Jelly, an LED light (for those late-night or early-morning ideas), a journal and pen, and a Snicker’s Bar (you’ll read the story in her book).

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What People Are Saying

  • Ann Voskamp

    “Leslie Leyland Fields was not only my first writing mentor: She continues to mentor me with the way she actually lives her life and then shapes it into an unforgettable story that gives sojourners hope—and gives God all the glory. She is a profoundly wise, Christ-formed guide whose every word I will always read.”

    ANN VOSKAMP, New York Times bestselling author

  • Liz Ditty

    “When I first began writing, Leslie quickly became a trusted voice. Not simply on the art of writing but on the living, breathing act of writing. It’s hard enough to use good verbs and precise language, but that’s not the hardest part. The ghosts of our stories, the self-doubt, and the fear—those are the parts of the writing journey we all need a hand holding ours through. Leslie offers that critical companionship and inspires by example of what can happen when we learn to tell our stories.”

    LIZ DITTY, author of God’s Many Voices

  • Max Lucado

    “Leslie has a deep commitment to writing life-giving words. She crafts them beautifully and helps others do likewise. This book promises to prompt the best out of storytellers and creatives.” 

    MAX LUCADO, New York Times bestselling author

  • Patricia Raybon

    “This inspired writing warrior has plunged deep into her well of talent to teach a vital lesson: We don’t own our stories. God writes them on our lives, then appoints us to stand up and share them. It’s time to heed this truth and act. An impassioned Leslie Leyland Fields dares to show us how.” 

    PATRICIA RAYBON, award-winning author of My First White Friend and I Told the Mountain to Move

  • Bret Lott

    “A magical, moving, and essential book for anyone who wants to understand why their story matters and to write that story! Leslie Leyland Fields tells her story while helping others tell their stories, all while creating an extraordinary story of writing itself. Personal and profound, inspirational and practical, God-focused and with its feet firmly placed on the ground, this is a necessary and beautiful book for anyone and everyone because we’ve all been blessed with the story we have—and that story is worth our telling.”

    BRET LOTT, New York Times bestselling author, director of MFA program at the College of Charleston

  • Scot McKnight-2

    “Like many others, I’ve learned much about storytelling from Leslie. Leslie’s many stories, some heartbreaking and some glorious, do something an abstract proposition can never do: They penetrate the hidden realities of the world in which we live, into the barely known realities of our own life. Leslie will teach you how to find those hidden realities with texture and tone.”

    REV. CANON DR. SCOT McKNIGHT, Professor of New Testament at Northern Seminary

  • Michelle Van Loon

    “Whether you write because you seek meaning from your life’s experiences, wish to pass on your story to family and friends, or dream of sharing a testimony of God’s work in your life with a wider audience, veteran writer Leslie Leyland Fields believes that your story matters. This book is a lively, relatable, and gracious master class that will guide you step-by-step through mining the riches of your life’s experiences, bringing the core events to the surface, and shaping those events into writing that will communicate the story only your life can tell. Loaded with examples, prompts, and warm insight, this beautiful book belongs in the hands of everyone who longs to find a way to communicate their story to others.” 

    MICHELLE VAN LOON, author of Becoming Sage

  • Daniel Taylor

    “If you are never blessed with the opportunity to take a writing class from Leslie Leyland Fields, then at least read this book. It’s a work of four strands: why you can and should tell your life stories, clear teaching on how to do so (with helpful exercises and student examples), stories from her own life, and a useful tale of working with an agent and getting published—in short, the entire journey. All told with the wit and wisdom of someone who is doing the hard work right along with you.”

    DANIEL TAYLOR, author of Tell Me a Story and Do We Not Bleed?

  • Luci Shaw

    “The greatest power of Story is to illuminate. That’s how Leslie Leyland Fields begins her own story—a vivid retelling of pivotal events in her own life and an encouragement to each of us to tell ours. Written in her own bright, conver­sational style, this fresh writing book is chockablock with lived experience that translates into guidelines for our own storytelling. The author’s energy bleeds from the pages. Read this, come face to face with this woman of God, and hear her affirm, ‘You can do this, and here’s how.’“

    LUCI SHAW, author of Thumbprint in the Clay and The Generosity: New Poems

  • Catherine McNiel

    “Whether you consider yourself a writer or are just beginning to find your story, I cannot imagine a more inviting mentor than Leslie Leyland Fields. The book you hold in your hands will take you on a journey. I’m convinced you’ll find your voice, and the tools to use it, along the way.”

    CATHERINE McNIEL, author of Long Day of Small Things and All Shall BeWell


Remember, if you don’t tell your story, someone else will (and they won’t get it right)!