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Dana Yeakley turns your intimidation into inspiration.

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She was looking for me to do something, but I had no idea where to start. Have you ever felt this way?

About the Book

The Gentle Art of Discipling Women book

The Gentle Art of Discipling Women brings practical, biblically-based encouragement and advice to help you meet one-on-one with another Christian woman in a discipleship role. You will first be grounded in the foundation of faith, and then be equipped to disciple another woman. Full of transparent stories, Scripture, and challenges, your own faith will strengthen as you learn to walk alongside another woman’s journey of faith.

A Leader’s Guide at the end of the book equips a woman to lead a small group through the discipling process. An additional free resource, The Discipler’s Handbook, will be available in PDF form to download in early January.

  • Ground yourself in four realities of God’s truth so you can be strengthened before helping someone else
  • Learn to disciple according to God’s heart, and not from your own confidence, knowledge, or ability
  • Equip yourself with practical advice for every aspect of the discipling process
  • Discover three truths to pack into every meeting
  • Live out the mission to make disciples–and find it to be a rewarding adventure
I know that no matter what happens, Jesus will take care of me.

About the Author

Author, Dana Yeakley
Dana Yeakley

Dana and her husband, Tom, have been on staff with The Navigators since 1978. Their family served in Indonesia as missionaries for eleven years. Upon her return, Dana continued serving with The Navigators. Dana and her husband, Tom, have three married children and seven grandchildren. Throughout her life, one thing has remained constant as she has been involved in life and ministry: the desire to influence and disciple women individually and in small groups.

In Dana’s Own Words

When the Lord led me to write this book, I was personally challenged. I am neither the perfect disciplemaker nor a writer! I have been discipling women for 40 years but, trust me – there were times when I blundered along! As I worried, God reassured me, “You are not perfect and you know it. You have been learning and laboring at this for years. So share what you’ve got and leave it with Me.” In this book, I offer to you what God has tutored in me over the years.

I pray Psalm 68:11 for the women influencers in the churches across America, ‘The Lord announces the word, and the women who proclaim it are a mighty throng.’ (NIV)

I am praying that you will be inspired as a disciplemaker and be refreshed and encouraged as you go through this book. I hope you continue to connect with women, to serve in your church and take up the mantle to make disciples one by one.

Jesus does not say He will remove the difficulties, but He does promise to be with us and gives us His peace in the midst of them.

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When we know Jesus, we can share Jesus.


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Ready to start discipling a woman one-on-one?

Here is Dana’s Discipler’s Handbook!

Complete with simple, short, and practical lesson plans. It even includes three valuable tools: the Hand, Wheel and Process Illumination.

“I was crushing this book as soon as it showed up in the mail. It’s just what i needed!”

— Rachel Castlen 

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If you’ve ever felt intimidated when a young woman asks if you will disciple her, read this book! In The Gentle Art of Discipling Women Dana Yeakley has included everything you need to know when you say “Yes” to the exciting opportunity of investing in the life of someone who wants to grow in her faith. You will learn how to be a disciple and how to take specific action steps to make disciples. This is a must-have resource!
Carol Kent, Speaker and Author, Becoming a Woman of Influence (NavPress)

Dana Yeakley’s passion for discipleship is both inspiring and infectious. In her book, The Gentle Art of Discipling Women, Dana provides a guide that removes the mystery from discipleship. Grounded in scripture and supported by personal stories, you will feel both encouraged and empowered to live out the command for every believer to “go make disciples”.
Jenni Catron, Church leader; author of The 4 Dimensions of Extraordinary Leadership

Through the pages of this book, experienced discipler Dana Yeakley comes alongside those of us who want to be discipling women but aren’t sure how to start, who to approach, what to do, or how to keep things on track to show us the way. This book is a great resource for any woman who wants a front row seat to see the Word of God bring change to the life of another woman.
Nancy Guthrie, Bible teacher and author of the Seeing Jesus in the Old Testament Bible study series

Dana’s book is full of important, life-giving lessons on both being a disciple and leading others in purposeful discipleship relationships. A great tool for every woman who takes Jesus’ call to “go and make disciples” seriously.
Jessie Minassian, Resident “big sis” at LifeLoveandGod.com, author of Unashamed: Overcoming the Sins No Girl Wants to Talk About

As we make every effort to become all God has designed us to be, He shows us that there is work to be done!