Share your faith by cultivating these five, simple habits.

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You are what you do, not what you say you’ll do. – Carl Jung


About the Book

Beginnings book

Christians have renewed enthusiasm to share their faith using Michael Frost’s BELLS model. 

Ideal for personal use and for training groups on evangelism, the simple lessons in this book will surprise those who receive the gospel–and will surprise you with the overwhelming goodness of the kingdom of God.We BLESS people, both inside and outside the church. We EAT together, sharing meals with believers and nonbelievers alike. We LISTEN to the guidance and direction of the Holy Spirit as we engage with those around us. We intimately LEARN Christ as our leader and model for making disciples. We see ourselves as SENT by God to everywhere life takes us.

Opportunities for faith sharing emerge from questioning believers. #surprisetheworld

About the Author

Author, Michael Frost
Michael Frost

MICHAEL FROST is a leading voice in the international missional-church movement. Author of more than a dozen books, he is cofounder of the international Forge Mission Training Network, vice principal of Morling College, and founding pastor of Small Boat Big Sea. Frost is a highly sought-after speaker, traveling internationally multiple times a year.

In Michael’s Own Words

I really didn’t set out to create an international movement.

When I came up with the BELLS model described in this book, I thought it was just a simple idea our church could adopt to foster missional habits in our lives. I had no idea that churches right across the world–the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, and goodness knows where else–would embrace it. But now it seems that everywhere I go I meet folks who tell me they are living out these five simple habits in an attempt to better fulfill the mission of God.

The one thing Jesus told us to do every time we meet together was to eat. #surprisetheworld

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Fear and laziness are mission killers. #surprisetheworld


Christians should be different, we should challenge convention, and stand out from culture. Too often, we stand out for the wrong reasons. In Surprise the World Michael Frost challenges us to lead lives that cause the world to question how we love and serve so well. This book is a timely wake up call for believers, and a concise and helpful encouragement to those seeking to live on mission in their communities. Mike is the real deal and so is this book!”

Ed Stetzer,

Michael Frost’s insights have made him a leading voice in the missional church movement. The habits commended in Surprise the World will only cement Michael’s place as an original thinker who envisions and serves those of us who are pastors and leaders in churches. I will enthusiastically commend this book to the churches for whom I am bishop and I will make use of it to train Holy Trinity Church where I am pastor.”

Bishop Todd Hunter, The Anglican Church in North America

A core part of the gospel is that Jesus came from the comfort of Heaven to a dark and broken world, in order to rescue humankind. If we’re to see another awakening in America, Christ followers will need to be intentional about obeying the Great Commission to ‘Go and make disciples.’ In Surprise the World, Michael Frost does an excellent job in explaining how to intentionally establish habits to share God’s love with the people around us.”

Gerard Long, founder, Awakening to Love Ministries

Surprise the World is Mike Frost’s missional genius accessible for the average person. So many lives will change as a result, as people hear about and follow Jesus.” 

Dan Kimball, pastor, Vintage Faith Church 

In this brief, but powerful book, Michael suggests simple, missional practices that can be applied in any context. He maps a way forward that demonstrates how small gatherings of friends can help one another live into these practices. If every follower of Jesus developed a lifestyle that included these five habits, I’m convinced that a great spiritual awakening would take place in the neighborhoods, towns and cities of our world.”

Al Engler, Mission Director, Nav Neighbors

Eminently doable; entirely practical; exceptionally effective! In Surprise the World, renowned missiologist Michael Frost creates a compelling vision of what happens when a group of Jesus followers put into practice five proven habits of missional living. You want to see your community reached with the Good News? Get your church to read this outstanding book!”

Felicity Dale, author, An Army of Ordinary People

We need to know him if we’re going to share him as the reason for the hope that we have. #surprisetheworld