Get a front-row seat to the attack on Pearl Harbor.

The Other Side of Infamy

Lt. Jim Downing, the Guinness world record holder for oldest male author, brings us back to the morning of the attack on Pearl Harbor. Downing—along with countless other sailors and soldiers, ran into the chaos to protect his ships, defend his country, and find the redemptive path forward through a devastating war. This book is your guide to living a life of faith in a world of war and global conflict. Available in hard cover and soft cover.

Lt. Jim Downing

Jim was one of the last living survivors of the attack on Pearl Harbor. He followed an illustrious career in the US Navy with more than 50 years working with The Navigators, an international disciple-making ministry. He authored Living Legacy and Meditation. Jim passed away in February of 2018 and is survived by many family and friends. 

104 year old Pearl Harbor survivor tells his story…


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The Other Side of Infamy
The Other Side of Infamy
The Other Side of Infamy

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The Other Side of Infamy
The Other Side of Infamy
The Other Side of Infamy

Weakness invites aggression. Remember Pearl Harbor. Keep America strong.


  • Jim Daly

    “Jim Downing’s story of courage, resilience, and faith is a must-read. He was already an original member of The Navigators ministry when he was caught up in the middle of the attack on Pearl Harbor. Jim ran into danger knowing his eternal destiny was secure- and his whole life has been devoted to sharing that hope with others.”

    Jim Daly

    President of Focus on the Family

  • Adam Makos

    “Lieutenant James Downing didn’t just survive Pearl Harbor- he fought there. On the deck of his battleship, with Japanese planes raining down, he faced the flames of a man-made hell. And now he takes us back, to the day when evil failed to destroy faith and to the birth of a new American spirit, one that reigns to this day. The Other Side of Infamy is a priceless story by the rarest of authors: a battleship man at Pearl Harbor. There is no higher title.”

    Adam Makos

    New York Times bestselling author of A Higher Call

  • Gary Coombs

    “Jim Downing’s memoir of his war years is both heart stirring and motivational. I read the book in two days, putting aside everything else I could.”

    Gary Coombs

    Missions Pastor, Shadow Mountain Community Church

  • Robby Butler

    The Other Side of Infamy is the compelling and beautiful story of an ordinary man experiencing extraordinary, world-changing events while abiding in Christ, meditating on his Word, and following Jesus in everything. It had been my great privilege to count Jim Downing as my friend and mentor for several decades. I can assure you that this remarkable story is not mere fiction.

    Robby Butler

    Editor of Stubborn Perseverance