Celebrate God’s faithful presence throughout the year

We rush through life, barely slowing down to experience our days. But time is a gift that we sometimes forget we’ve been given.


Moments & Days

Moments & Days

From the weekly Sabbath to the annual Passover, from Advent to Easter to ordinary days, time is an opportunity to experience eternity in the everyday. Through the knowledge of Jewish and Christian feasts, holidays, and calendars we are pointed in fresh ways to God’s faithful presence. Moments & Days is a rich journey, full of Scripture and recipes, that leads you to experiencing the gift of time in your everyday. 

Michelle Van Loon

Michelle is our expert and guide through the major events of the Jewish and Christian calendars. You will see God’s faithful presence in real time, both in the Scriptures and in your daily life. Michelle is the author of several books, including award-winning If Only: Letting Go of Regret. She is a regular contributor to Christianity Today’s popular Her.meneutics blog for women. She also writes for patheos.com and her own blog at michellevanloon.com.

Rediscover the gift of time through the Jewish and Christian holidays, drawing you closer to God’s faithful presence.

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Have ears to hear the rhythm of eternity as we consider the way in which we live each moment and day of our lives.

Enjoy the Beauty of the Jewish Holidays

Download a free infographic that beautifully illustrates and explains the Fall Jewish Holidays. Learn their origin from scripture and understand their significance to your faith. Each holiday points to different ways to reflect and feast!

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  • Jen

    We lose time, save time, waste time, find time. But what about inhabiting time? That is Michelle Van Loon’s important invitation through her well-studied exploration of the Jewish and Christian calendars. She bids us to keep holy days (not just holidays) and relieve our cultural anxiety that time is running out.

    Jen Pollock Michel

    Author of Teach Us to Want

  • Len Sweet

    “Where has this book been? Now that we have it, what did the church ever do without it, and can I ever not have it nearby? I am savoring this book like a black iron skillet that gets better with age and will use it to cook up some theological dishes I never thought possible.”

    Leonard Sweet

    Author of From Tablet to Table and founder of preachthestory.com

  • Scot

    “One of God’s earliest gifts to Israel after forming them into a covenant people was a calendar in which every major holiday simultaneously reminded them of the major moments of God’s gracious redemption. Michelle Van Loon’s wise, readable, and informed study of the two calendars is a gift for all of us. Try using the Christian calendar for one year, and you will be reminded not of our presidents and heroes but of God’s redemption in Christ.”

    Scot McKnight

    Julius R. Mantey Professor of New Testament, Northern Seminary

  • Dale

    This wonderful book is full of both information and inspiration about times we call holidays. The author offers rich background on the origins of both Jewish and Christian observances and includes practical ideas for making these times more meaningful. This book will be an invaluable resource for every home and will make a wonderful gift.”

    Dale Hanson Bourke

    Author of Everyday Miracles

  • Rev Tracey

    “This is an absolutely wonderful book for any who want to understand the grace-filled rhythms that God has built in to our days. As a pastor and parent, I cannot recommend this book highly enough!”

    Reverend Tracey Bianchi

    Worship and teaching pastor, Christ Church of Oak Brook, traceybianchi.com


  •      Justin Kron

    “Many books have been written about how to honor God with our talents and treasures, but very few about how to honor Him with our time. Michelle has provided a much-needed resource for those who want to benefit from engaging in the sacred festivals within the Jewish calendar that were observed by Jesus himself or the Christian ones that were inspired by his life and ministry. This book will teach you how to see time from God’s perspective and how to leverage it for His glory and your delight. A must-read for anyone who takes the Bible—and their days—seriously.”

    Justin Kron

    Kesher Forum

  •      Marlena

    “Herein lies a vast storehouse of riches that Michelle Van Loon unlocks for us. In Moments & Days, we discover our spiritual roots and the rhythms of our days. Van Loon, a Jewish follower of Jesus, wisely and deftly explores the formative implications of living by the Jewish and Christian festal calendars throughout the year. Jesus himself was spiritually formed by living according to the festal rhythms. If you long to become more like Jesus, then read this book. It is a unique and important work—a gift. Don’t miss out.”

    Marlena Graves

    Author of A Beautiful Disaster