Keep Christianity Weird

Embrace the Discipline of Being Different

Many Christians have become comfortable letting the world mold them instead of being set apart by God. And many churches have traded in their biblical roots for complacent conventionality. But Jesus and the church are anything but conventional. The hallmark of our faith is that it sees the world differently than the world sees itself.

So resist the allure of acceptability. Get back to the unsafe roots of our faith. Be equipped to surprise the world with the Good News it didn’t even know it was waiting for. Challenge the way things are by living a life that has been truly set free by Christ.

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Dig in and enjoy both free excerpts. Learn about following an eccentric God, breaking free from church conventionality, and what radical obedience to Jesus really looks like.

Jesus Is Different. Go and Do Likewise.

This book will help you be more weird. But take heart, you’re in great company! Throughout history God has raised up people to challenge and inspire the church from becoming molded in the image of the world around us. We are called to be unique, as individuals, and together as a body. Don’t trade your God-given mandate to be different for comfortable conventionality.

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Mike Frost

Michael Frost is a leading voice in the international missional church movement. He is author of more than a dozen books, including Surprise the World and Keep Christianity Weird. He is the cofounder of the international Forge Mission Training Network and director of the Tinsley Institute. Frost is a highly-sought-after speaker, traveling internationally multiple times a year.

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Smart people ALSO keeping Christianity weird

Pete Grieg

Pete Grieg

Mike Frost is one of the sharpest thinkers we’ve got. I don’t just mean that he’s clever (he is), but that his ideas cut through nonsense with prophetic clarity. And so, of course, this book does just that. Large swaths of the Western church are in dire danger of cultural assimilation at the precise time that our wider culture is looking for new ideas and alternative answers. Thank God, then, for Mike’s message, which calls us back to the glorious weirdness of the gospel.
Team leader at 24-7 Prayer Intl, Sr. pastor, and author of Dirty Glory
Tim Soerens

Tim Soerens

Michael Frost reminds us with winsome prose and challenging clarity that if our neighbors don’t see us living out our Christian faith together as alternative story, something has gone horribly wrong. Read this book and ignore the noise of conformity. If we do, the best days of the local church are just ahead of us.
Cofounder of Parish Collective and coauthor of The New Parish
Aubrey Sampson

Aubrey Sampson

Every bit as culturally relevant as it is countercultural, Keep Christianity Weird is a wake-up call to church planters, pastors, and the entire church body. Michael Frost calls us away from a generic, domesticated, deistic gospel and back into a wild, incarnate, neighborhood-focused, authentically weird, attractive Christianity—which looks, oddly enough, just like Jesus and his Kingdom come.
Church planter, teaching pastor, author of Overcomer and The Louder Song
C. Christopher Smith

C. Christopher Smith

Following the apostle Paul’s advice to the Roman church, “Do not conform to the pattern of this world,” Michael Frost offers us a poignant meditation on the weirdness of our Christian faith. Keep Christianity Weird is the irresistible sort of book that I will read and reread to remind myself what it means to follow in the way of Jesus and in the footsteps of the faithful cloud of witnesses that have gone before us.
Founding editor of The Englewood Review of Books and coauthor of the award-winning book Slow Church
Daniel Fusco

Daniel Fusco

I always look forward to the writings of Michael Frost. When I saw this book’s title, Keep Christianity Weird, I chuckled because I live and minister in the Portland metro area, so I knew the reference well. This book does not disappoint. With Michael’s usual mix of biblical and historical wisdom, cultural exegesis, and a keen wit, Michael invites us to be God’s peculiar people in the best possible ways.
Pastor of Crossroads Community Church, author of Upward, Inward, Outward and Honestly
Al Engler

Al Engler

Michael Frost invites us to open our eyes to the way of the Master and to reimagine what it means to be the people of God in our time. He looks at Jesus (the original weirdo) and numerous biblical and historical figures whose unusual ways of relating to the world around them reflected the Kingdom of God and brought about miraculous change. Michael reminds us of things we may have forgotten. Hold on tight.
Director, Navigators Neighbors and Navigators Workplace