Live Out Your Calling with Confidence and Joy

I Am a Leader will inspire you to follow God’s call on your life. Embrace your leadership potential, address challenges that are relevant to women leaders in various life stages, and consider how to move forward with clarity and resolve. Each chapter ends with actionable takeaways and key questions. Includes leadership insights from Angie Ward and more than 50 women.

Become the leader God has called you to be.


Discover that you are not alone … that your concerns can be processed with the God who called you to lead … and that joy awaits as you confidently step into the plan God has for you.

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Angie Ward 2
Dr. Angie Ward brings 30 years of leadership experience in a variety of places and in diverse roles to encourage women to pursue their calling with joy.

Dr. Angie Ward knows firsthand the unique challenges that women leaders face as they pursue their calling. She brings three decades of leadership experience in church, para-church, nonprofit, and educational contexts. Angie is an award-winning contributor to Christianity Today leadership publications and a highly regarded teacher and speaker. She holds a Ph.D. from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Learn more at

Resources Need encouragement for your calling to leadership?

In addition to support, work/life strategies, and practical advice, Angie blesses us with a variety of benedictions at the end of I Am a Leader. One (or more!) is sure to be the prayer you need right now. Feel free to share on social media or download and post on your fridge, your laptop, your mirrorwherever you need a reminder of hope and truth.

What People Are Saying

  • Tammy Dunahoo
    A tremendous resource to any woman sensing God’s call to lead.

    Rev. Tammy Dunahoo, VP of US Operations, General Supervisor, The Foursquare Church

  • Craig Bloomberg
    This book is what every woman in ministry struggling with calling and leadership needs. Come to think of it, it’s just what every Christian man needs, as well, both for himself and for more insight into the women around him. 

    Craig L. Blomberg, Ph.D., distinguished professor of New Testament, Denver Seminary

  • marykate morse
    Ward guides women to be the gifted leaders God has freed them to be. 

    MaryKate Morse, leader, church planter, professor, and author of Lifelong Leadership

  • Jenni Catron 2
    If the words leader and calling both exhilarate and paralyze you, Angie’s words, stories, and insights will give you the peace and confidence to embrace your calling and step into the leader you are.

    Jenni Catron, author, speaker, and founder of The 4Sight Group

  • Kadi Cole
    I Am A Leader is a must-read for every female leader longing to be all God is calling her to be!

    Kadi Cole, leadership consultant and author of Developing Female Leaders

  • geoff_surratt
     I Am a Leader helps women discover their unique calling and develop their God-given leadership gifts within that calling.

    Geoff Surratt, cofounder of MinistryTogether and coauthor of Together

  • Sampson_Aubrey
    Dr. Ward invites you to walk into your God-given influence with dignity, authority, and grace for yourself and for every woman who will come after you.  

    Aubrey Sampson, author of The Louder Song, church planter, preacher, and part of Lausanne’s Think Tank for Women in Leadership

  • JR-Rozko-Head-Shot-2018-e1540072112858
    Ward’s writing is insightful, practical, and honest in ways that are not just enjoyable to read but also transformative. For all of us who desire that women would discover and live into their calling, this is simply one of the best resources around.

    JR Rozko, national director of Missio Alliance

  • Mandy Smith
    I Am a Leader is a practical resource that helps women name and navigate the concerns and step forward with confidence into the call.

    Mandy Smith, pastor of University Christian Church; author of The Vulnerable Pastor

  • Holder_Greg
    I am so grateful for this book! Thoroughly biblical and utterly readable, this is a book I’ll give to my daughters. And to more than a few men I know.

    Greg Holder, lead pastor of The Crossing; author of The Genius of One

  • Samantha Beach Kiley
    As a young woman exploring a career in ministry, this is a must-read. I know I will return to this book again and again. It is a blueprint for the balancing act of womanhood, work, and worship.

    Samantha Beach Kiley, writer and performer

  • David Fitch
    Read I Am a Leader and share in the stories of women finding their sense of God’s call. Turn these pages and experience “the nudge” of God’s calling. 

    David Fitch, B. R. Lindner chair of Evangelical Theology at Northern Seminary in Chicago; author of Faithful Presence

  • Trey Finley 2
    For men, Angie’s book should remind us that calling is not as simple as it should be for women. I join Angie in her prayer that women will take courage and be encouraged by her book.

    Trey Finley, M.Div., executive director of eleven:28 Ministries

  • Williford_Tricia_Lott_420
    Angie has written a powerful, equipping resource to interpret that holy invitation in tangible ways. Read this book and step into the deep gladness of your calling.

    Tricia Lott Williford, author of You Can Do This and Just. You. Wait.

  • Rodney Cooper
    If you are a woman—this is a MUST read for you to be unleashed as a leader. If you are a man—THIS BOOK IS A MUST READ to clear away the obstacles and champion the leader in the women the Lord has placed around you.

    Rodney L. Cooper, PhD, Kenneth and Jean Hansen Professor of Discipleship and Leadership Development at Gordon–Conwell Theological Seminary—Charlotte

Engage faithfully and flourish in leadership, wherever God has placed you.