Carry the Kingdom of God Wherever You Go

In this new resource by two leaders of the worldwide missional church movement, Scripture memorization is put to new use, helping believers in Jesus to become active partners in proclaiming and demonstrating that the word of God is living and active and good for the world.

Hide this In Your Heart incorporates the BELLS method from Surprise the World and builds on the Topical Memory System from The Navigators. 

What’s in the book?

  • 80 tear-out memory verse cards, featuring four translations: NIV, ESV, NLT, and MSG
  • 20-week study immerses readers in each BELLS theme and accompanying memory verses
  • Alternative schedules and checklists to customize your regular study and memorization

Start the Bible Memory Challenge


The Bible Memory Challenge: How to Memorize Scripture for Kingdom Impact

Join Michael Frost, Graham Joseph Hill, and other leaders in the worldwide missional church movement, as they breakdown the importance of Scripture memory and how you can start implementing this life-giving habit with a fun game with friends.

The challenge harnesses the timeless spiritual practice of Scripture memorization and delivers it in a fun experience that can be implemented on social media or video calls. It can be easily replicated and customized for your ministry so you can empower your people to carry the kingdom of God wherever they go.

After watching the webinar you will have the resources and know-how to start the Bible Memory Challenge with your church, family, small group, or friends.

Put Scripture Memory to (Kingdom) Work

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Bible Memorization for 21st Century Disciples

Graham Joseph Hill

is the author of nine books, including Global Church and (with Grace Ji-Sun Kim) Healing Our Broken Humanity. He is the founder of the Global Church Project and principal of Stirling Theological College.

Michael Frost

is the author of numerous books including Surprise the World and (with Alan Hirsch) The Shaping of Things to Come. He is the founding director of the Tinsley Institute at Morling College and cofounder of the worldwide Forge Mission Training Network.

Memorize Scripture for Resistance and Resilience

  • “So often memorizing Scripture and getting on mission are seen as opposed disciplines. However, the longer I join God at work and follow in his Son’s footsteps, the more I realize I need good rhythms in my life and that my own disciplines of prayer and reading are tied up in my understanding of God and his Kingdom. This book is a fantastic practical read for anyone wanting to grow healthy rhythms and fall in love with Scripture in fresh ways. I highly recommend it from two friends and colleagues whose lives have been lived out in these pages.” 

    Kim Hammond
    Kim Hammond
    lead pastor & coauthor
    CityLife Church and Sentness: Six Postures of Missional Christians
  • “What a wonderful pairing of Frost and Hill, showing us how to ground our lives in the meditations, mantras, and truths of the Bible. To memorize Scripture is to be formed by the wisdom of God in Christ for the love of the world. This book is an essential guide for our time.”

    Christiana Rice
    Christiana Rice
    codirector & coauthor
    Parish Collective and To Alter Your World: Partnering with God to Rebirth Our Communities
  • “Shortly after coming to faith, I was introduced to Scripture memory through the Navigators’ Topical Memory System. This launched me on a passionate pursuit to continuously hide God’s word in my heart. Years later, I heard Michael Frost expound on the BELLS habits for living on mission (explained in his book Surprise the World). I love that Hide This in Your Heart combines the life-altering missional engagement of BELLS with the equally life-changing power of Scripture memory. Those who combine the discipline of Scripture memory with the practice of radically loving people will be deeply blessed—and will become a profound blessing to the people in their world.”

    Al Engler
    Al Engler
    mission director
    The Navigators

Surprise the World is a practical tool for cultivating the BELLS method in our lives. Ideal for personal use and for training groups on evangelism, the simple lessons in this book are transforming lives around the world.

We Bless people, both inside and outside the church.
We Eat together, sharing meals with believers and nonbelievers alike.
We Listen to the guidance and direction of the Holy Spirit as we engage with those around us.
We intimately Learn Christ as our leader and model for making disciples.
We see ourselves as Sent by God to everywhere life takes us.