Every Job A Parable

Do you know how much your work matters to God?

Every Job a Parable

A Walmart greeter, a nurse, and an astronaut walk into a church. . . .

They each bring with them their own exhaustions and exasperations, their own uncertainty about how their work matters to God. Good news: All work matters to God, because all work reflects some aspect of His character. God created the world so that it runs best when it mirrors Him, and we find the most fulfillment when we recognize God behind our labor.

John Van Sloten pilots a fascinating investigation on vocation. An innovative journey that illuminates how your work is a parable of God; as you work, you are an icon of grace.

It’s time to discover the spiritual significance behind your work. Understand your job at the parable level and uncover the perspective God has for you through your work.

God is working through you- right now.

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Step into the story that is your job.


Every Job A Parable
Every Job A Parable
Every Job A Parable
Every Job A Parable

We are all made in the image of a God who works.


  • Every Job A Parable

    “Deeply thoughtful about the most important things while also drawing on the best of the Christian tradition, Every Job a Parable is for every man and every woman who cares about the work of work.”

    Steven Garber
    Founder and principal of the Washington Institute for Faith, Vocation & Culture and author of Visions of Vocation
  • Every Job A Parable

    “A greatly needed resource that pastorally weaves together biblical teachings and rich theology in the context of a wide diversity of occupations.”

    David H. Kim
    Executive Director, Center for Faith & Work
  • Every Job A Parable

    “John Van Sloten gives us eyes to see that our work is not only designed to serve others but is also essentially formative on our journey to greater Christlikeness. I highly recommend this book.”

    Tom Nelson
    Author of Work Matters
  • Every Job A Parable

    “All work is meant to be God honoring. I have long believed that and taught it. But in this marvelous book John Van Sloten brings it all alive for me in new ways. I will be ready to read a parable from the Lord every time I see a sanitation worker or Walmart greeter!”

    Richard Mouw
    Professor Emeritus, Fuller Theological Seminary
  • Every Job A Parable

    “John Van Sloten’s book presents a wide-ranging and deeply practical theology of vocation, helping readers see how God speaks and works through jobs that we might never have thought of as sacred. This book is a treasure trove of insights and is a great resource for the church.”

    Brett McCracken
    Author of Hipster Christianity, Gray Matters, and Uncomfortable
  • Every Job A Parable

    “Filled with startling insights and fascinating characters, Van Sloten’s book will help you see that what you do Monday through Friday truly is a sacred calling, one in which God wants to speak to you and to the rest of the world. Highly recommended!”

    Drew Dyck
    Senior editor of CTPastors.com and author of Yawning at Tigers
  • Every Job A Parable

    “Here are stories of regular people who are discovering the bubbling ferment of God’s Kingdom in their callings and vocations. Read this and be encouraged that the Spirit really is out ahead of us in our work lives and callings.”

    Alan Roxburgh
    President of the Missional Network