We must choose today,
and then choose again tomorrow,
to receive the love of the Father.
Then we will be known
as one of those people who loves!
Will you choose and choose again?




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Choose and Choose Again

About the Book

We hear the words “God loves you” and yet we struggle to experience his love.  So we attempt to fill up the resulting emptiness with anything and everything until we finally hit bottom and hear the voice of the Father calling us to Choose and Choose Again, to allow him to heal us with his love and bring us all the way back home!

Choose and Choose Again portrays our brokenness and God’s unchanging love for us, despite ourselves. The stories are of biblical proportion but true, taking place “in a messy little fellowship of Jesus followers” in the inner city of Detroit. If you were to give one last chance to the notion that God might  somehow love you, even a little, take the risk and read this book.

The Author

_mg_8422Kevin Butcher is the lead pastor of Hope Community Church of Detroit, a messy fellowship of human beings from every racial, economic, and educational background imaginable—with one thing in common: They own their emptiness and pursue healing through the love of God in Jesus Christ. Butcher has written numerous articles and has spoken around the world about the love of Christ. He is married to Carla and has three grown daughters.

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  • StasiEldredge-@2x

    “Powerful. Beautiful. Compelling! I’m so thankful that Kevin wrote this book. Read it too. It will help you to choose and to offer the love of God.”


    author of Captivating and Becoming Myself

  • choose danielle

    This book is beautiful. A truly authentic and powerful revelation of the deepest hunger of our heart met by the strongest force in the universe—love. May you read it and weep, and then have the courage to choose it for yourself.” 


    speaker, advocate, and author

  • choose jeff

    “In Choose and ChooseAgain, Kevin Butcher paints moving portraits of brokenness and healing. Kevin draws upon his own journey from despair to hope and faithfully recounts how the love of God has resurrected others. Choose and Choose Again is about life-and-death struggle to truly know that we are loved. Savor these stories and taste of the deep love the Father has for you.”


    senior pastor at Ada Bible Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and author of The Land Between and Satisfied

  •  choose ken

    “The book you hold in your hands is dangerous. It is dangerous because it passionately and convincingly speaks to God’s love for his children—for you! First it strips you down to your own emptiness, desire for love, and the false beliefs that you are not worthy . . . then slowly builds you back up with the deep, abiding sense of the relentless and gracious love of God. Choose and Choose Again is a rare book that perfectly captures the character and voice of its author and forces you to grapple with stories—Kevin’s, those he writes about, and your own. This is one of the best and most transformative books on the love of God I know about.”


    lead pastor at Antioch in Bend, Oregon, and author of The Grand Paradox: The Messiness of Life, the Mystery of God, and the Necessity of Faith 

  • choose micca

    One of the best, life-changing books I’ve read in a while. In Choose and Choose Again, J. Kevin Butcher writes with vulnerability and the raw emotion of one on the brink of suicide until he finds healing in the power of God’s love. His story, along with others, resonates with our greatest hurt and deepest need—to know we matter. I wept over my own wounds and rejoiced in the restorative power of God’s sincere love for me. I’m convinced you will experience the same.”


    speaker and author of An Untroubled Heart: Finding A Faith Stronger Than All My Fear


  • choose joseph

    “Kevin Butcher has pulled together a collection of beautiful stories—including his own—that powerfully remind us of the Father’s passionate, persistent love for us. It’s clear that Kevin, as a faithful pastor, has a unique capacity to serve as a conduit for that love in a way that transforms the most unexpected lives. Be blessed and encouraged by God’s work in and through him!”


    president of Cornerstone University in Grand Rapids, Michigan

  •      choose lawrence

    “Wow! I felt enlightened, heartbroken, empowered, and overjoyed as I read chapter after chapter about the love of the Father meeting broken and wounded people. Real talk for real people seeking real help for real problems from a real Father! Our choice to choose the Father’s unconditional, radical love and live it out in the community of faith takes courage, but it will help us live the life he has designed for us. Read and see what a difference his love makes in the lives of everyday, ordinary, struggling, and hurting people who choose to accept his love.”


    president of the Council of Baptist Pastors of Detroit, MI

  • choose bruce

    “Millions all over the world long to experience the authentic love described in Choose and Choose Again. Let these remarkable stories convince you that God has also made it possible for you to choose this incredible life.”


    president of Trueface and bestselling coauthor of The Cure and The Cure & Parents

  • choose ed

    “Not since Manning’s Ragamuffin Gospel have I read paragraphs that so connect me to the Father’s love and grace. Don’t think of Choose and Choose Again as a book. Think of it as God whispering comfort and love into your heart when what you have done or what has been done against you wakes you up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat of fear and doubt.”


    pastor at Church of the Open Door and author of When God Breaks Your Heart, Reborn to Be Wild, and The Trail

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