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Find hidden beginnings and pursue the endless adventure of becoming.

There is something deep inside of you that is so good, you’re most likely suppressing it because you can’t believe that bringing it to life might help to heal the world.

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You are a verb. You are endlessly becoming. #beginningsbook

About the Book

Beginnings book

Beginnings. The first Seven Days of the Rest of Your Life.

All the broken and dislocated pieces of the universe—people, things, animals, atoms—get fixed and fit together in vibrant harmonies, all because of the Holy Trinity. This is not a laundry list of things you must believe. This is a song bursting with reality and promise and new beginnings. THIS IS HOPE.

Partner with God to create and become, using every bit of pain and promise in your life. All of the breakdowns and all of the breakthroughs are ingredients in the dynamic stew of becoming.

We need to name and honor what is truest about us, and then give it away. #beginningsbook.

About the Author

Author, Steve Wiens
Steve Weins

STEVE WIENS is the founding pastor of Genesis Covenant Church. He, his wife Mary, and their three young boys live in Maple Grove, Minnesota. He blogs at and podcasts at This Good Word.

In Steve’s Own Words

I am a preacher, and so my book ends with a benediction. May this prayer accompany you throughout the creation of the rest of your life:

May you come to know and name the seeds of life which God has embedded deep within you. May you nurture them as they find their way up and out of the ground, as they are called forth. May you watch with joy as your new beginnings crate other new beginnings.

And may you know, my brothers and sisters, that you are very good.

I believe the Scriptures are a river, and when we interact with them, we are taken somewhere that we haven’t been before. @stevewiens

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A battle is being fought and won, and you are why it’s being fought, and you are what’s being won. #beginningsbook


I’ve come to think of Steve Wiens as a poetic hound dog, an author who sniffs out the nuances of ancient biblical words and stories until he’s dug up their practical implications for the living of our actual lives. Wiens’ book, Beginnings, is an eloquent, earthy, gently urgent call to say yes to the beautiful things the Creator wants to grow in the soil of you and me.
Carolyn Arends, Recording Artist and Author

Steve Wiens has a rich repertoire of stories that have emerged from the daily concrete reality of life. He uses this fund of narratives to fill out and explicate the seven days of the creation lyric. The result of this interpretive work is that we are permitted to read both ways–from creation to daily life, and from daily life to creation. This “back-and-forth” is immensely generative, thanks to the pastoral heart that is so evident on every page of Wiens’ book.
Walter Brueggemann, Author of The Prophetic Imagination

This isn’t a book. It’s an invitation to new beginnings, new life. With a fresh perspective on Genesis 1, we are invited into God’s process of becoming who we actually are. Telling stories of honesty, vulnerability, and pastoral sensitivity, Steve helps us locate our stories in the grand narrative of God’s creation and re-creation story. Read this book and walk into something new.
Nate Pyle, Author of Man Enough

Beginnings is a fine work of midrash. Steve Wiens knows how Scriptures should work–indeed, how they do work–to breathe an expansive breath into our mean and shriveled lungs, creating space for a good universe, the fullness of creation, to come inside. Beginnings shows us how to take in the breath, and with the exhale, to let out a great and inspired hallelujah!
Steve Bell, Singer/Songwriter

God majestically spoke creation into being in seven days, creating the teeming world of profundity and promise in which we live. Beginnings beckons us to let into our lives God’s formational framework, the seven days which created the world and just might change yours.
Mark Sayers, Pastor of Red Church, Melbourne, Australia, and Author of Facing Leviathan

I really enjoyed reading Beginnings and found myself referencing Steve’s writing in conversation with friends immediately. This book will both encourage and challenge. Steve doesn’t leave us alone with our thoughts and struggles but expertly guides us into our own new beginnings through both the creation story and his own journey. Nice one, Steve!
Stu Garrard, Songwriter/Singer, formerly of Delirious

If you love language, stories, and scholarship, Steve Wiens has prepared a feast of all three in Beginnings. Steve is a wise guide and wonderful storyteller, trekking deep into the rhythm of the creation and the gorgeous Hebrew language which holds it. There are a few stories in my life which have been tender to the touch and in need of a deeper interpretation than merely my own experience of them. Beginnings gave me a way to interpret my life, fresh, and for that I am grateful.
Jan Meyers Proett, Author and Speaker

I read Beginnings during one of those in-between seasons Steve Wiens talks about. I was at the close of one adventure, with no clear sense of when the next would come, and still less certain that I would be up for the challenge when it did. I was exhausted but also restless. Rather than offering a quick escape, Beginnings encouraged me to embrace that tension. After all, the seeds of new life are often embedded in the vulnerable place between the “What now?” and the “What’s next?” Wise, hopeful, and beautifully written, this was the right book at the right time for me. What will it coax to life in you?
John Pattison, Coathur of Slow Church

Steve Wiens is the rare pastoral soul who somehow tells the truth about ourselves and God with both truth and love. He gets it; he gets us. And yet he sees the truth of the gospel and the wonder of resurrection among the most regular moments. In an age of Facebook-self versus real-self, this book of his will help our compartmentalized church move into the prophetic work of wholeness.
Sarah Bessey, Author of Jesus Feminist

This book will encourage you. Deeply. To be and become the light God created you to be. To stop being something and someone you are not. To begin again–to be the “good” God created you to be. Read it and be blessed.
Ruth Haley Barton, Author of Sacred Rhythms

Don’t stay stuck on the deck of what used to be. Hike straight up the face of a new beginning. #beginningsbook